Josh – ‘Inside vs. Outside’

Artist Statement

These photographs are about personal moments over the past decade when I have struggled with my gender identity.  Being ‘in the gender queer closet’ often gave me the time and safe space to explore the negative feelings that came along with being differently gendered.

Originally the simple thought of telling people I was a gender variant person made me want to gasp for air and move interstate.  Denial, confusion and frustration, I tried very hard to escape the person I truly was.   It didn’t work.

Today I live as a person with a disability but that’s not all there is to me.  Today I identify as a gender queer person, but try to remember there is more to me than you can see.



One comment on “Josh – ‘Inside vs. Outside’”

  1. So glad you got involved with this project and have been able to pictorially share your journey.


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