Contact Inc

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Our vision: communities collaborating to shape their own futures

Contact Inc. is a community cultural development organisation, working with people from diverse ages, cultures and backgrounds. Contact Inc. creatively collaborates with artists, community members and civic institutions to address social, cultural, environmental and economic issues with specific focus on communities affected by violence, vulnerability and marginalisation.

In 2011 Contact Inc. is undergoing a significant re-vision and restructure. We have a strong history of delivering high quality productions and outcomes over the past 21 years. The company has shifted over time from a Youth Theatre organisation to a Youth Arts Company. With each shift the company has driven new programmatic and operational decisions.

Our past and current process focuses on creating safe spaces for young people, specifically from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Pacific Islander backgrounds and migrant and refugee backgrounds, to collaborate, build cross-cultural understanding and create art with a social change agenda. Our work is focused on capacity building strategies that mobilise young people and artists to be active citizens and change agents within their communities.

While we are still dedicated to fostering creative development young people we feel it is necessary to broaden our scope by including other demographic and geographic communities. Our renewed sense of purpose and vision is conceptual and sophisticated, with a focus on two main principles: Intercultural and Intergenerational innovation.

Our target communities now include:

  • Children and young people – aged 8‐ 30, specifically from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Polynesian and recently arrived refugee and migrant backgrounds.
  • Seniors – aged 65+.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people-including people who have diverse genders and identities
  • People with varied and diverse abilities and disabilities.

Contact Inc. is one of 11 companies from around Australia supported as an Australia Council Community Partnerships Key Producer organisation.  Explore the Australia Council’s Arts on the Map site to see where Contact Inc sits nationally. Contact Inc. is also funded triennially by Arts QLD as a small to medium (S2M) organisation.

Visit Contact Inc’s Website.

Contact Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


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