Week Eight

By: Transforming Pixels

Jul 26 2011

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300
Today was our last day of the eight week course. There was some business to get down to and a sense of feeling in the class that we were a bit sad for it to be coming to an end. The business side of things was picking our final photograph or series of shots for not only our own but also the Philadelphia exhibition. We wrote our artist statements, with the help of pairing off and brainstorming. Then we each did a voice recording of our artist statement, I enjoyed that bit.
We were also treated to a Skype with LW (L.Weingarten), which was awesome!! I had seen some of his photographs before but never knew who took them. I enjoyed listening to LW explain about the process of his photoshoots. He is working on a project where the person holds up a question, the subjects are gender diverse people, and the photograph is in black and white. I was interested to hear that it took hours to paint the sign, the things you don’t about hey. LW was interested in our questions and it was a great way to have a last day.
*A few nights after the last class some of us got together at T Bar to celebrate. T bar is a monthly Sunday Session downstairs at Sporty’s held for queer and trans people and their friends so it was awesome to have a dance (and beer) with some of the new friends I had made, and dance to the tunes of our teacher Melly aka DJ B(racket).
**Thought I would just mention that since I first wrote this post, LW won first prize in the ‘Straight back at you’ category for the Pride Photo Award in Amsterdam. Good on you LW!
Written by Patrick

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