Week Seven

By: Transforming Pixels

Jul 26 2011

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX Optio LS1000

Today was tough.   This was our first day back after our two week break and it was clear folks weren’t feeling tops at all. I felt like the last week of the break have left me feeling a bit lost, I didn’t have a clear sense of direction or focus when it came to my photography. I began to panic that I didn’t even know what my exhibition photograph would be about, let alone what specific story it would tell.

Lenine explained to us about metaphors and showed us a really helpful ‘mapping for ideas & symbol’s system/diagram. I found this to be a really great tool when working on ideas for my exhibition and definately something I will continue to use in future projects.

Melly was unwell and wasn’t feeling his usual self but he was still cool enough to lend me his tripod. He showed me how to use it and how not to break it. The reason I needed it was because I have a physical disability which causes my hands to shake involuntarily, some days my hands shake more than others and this caused alot of my photos to come out blurry. Melly thought if I tried the tripod, just maybe it would help with the ‘shaking’ problem – He was right, it worked awesomely. :o)

Written by Josh


One comment on “Week Seven”

  1. Josh,
    This is a great story – you really articulated your feelings very succinctly. And what a great photo – intense, beautiful, and how perfect that your shirt is lined, like an echo of the ridged background. And those eyes! So clear, and steady. I love it!

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