Week Four

By: Transforming Pixels

Jul 02 2011

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Focal Length:4.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX Optio LS1000

I arrived early to contact.inc on Saturday 21 May 2011,there to greet me was Melly organising for the session of Transforming Pixels. cautiously I waited while my other group members filed in the door. Little did I know that I would be taking pictures of them all.

Once everyone had settled down Melly starts by asking us to play a discussions game where we discuss in pairs questions put to us. Then we said what the other persons answer was. This helped break the ice tremendously. After that I felt more relaxed. Then we explored some photo books with the aim describe a picture. After searching for a picture that I could talk about I came across some aspects of the picture that were interesting to me.

During group discussions I found out about documentation and construction from Amanda and I realised that Evannia had some interesting perspectives about gender. Vanessa though struck a chord with her HDR Photos. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range photography. This a technique for photography and video alike. Adjusting the Exposure Level and taking a series of photos and then combining them on the computer to produce and much better picture with a higher dynamic range.

Meanwhile it was getting later in the day so just before lunch Melly Ran a video on Typology featuring the Becher’s Typology of water towers and furnaces. After Lunch we the activity was to try and do a typology of people. So I photographed everyone the same way. The participant was photographed standing in front of a white wall and the light was ok at 2:00pm. I decided that it might be better to take multiple shots to try and achieve a set of pictures that were more alike. Time ticked on and eventually after many rounds of shooting photos we went back in and critiqued peoples photos from last week. This was a bit harrowing part of the talk but it managed to be enlightening. I do not like being put on the spot at the best of times but I think I was doing ok. Also I don’t like being a critic so I try to give proper advise though I am still learning about photography. Eventually time to leave said bye and home.

At home I worked on combining the images from the photoshoot that day. After an exhuasting day. Here I am off to sleep. Night



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