Week Six

By: Transforming Pixels

Jun 28 2011

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Focal Length:4.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX Optio LS1000

Some inspirational music kick started our class off this week, combined with an announcement that there is an exhibition in Philadelphia later in the year that our work will be shown at. How exciting! Today was the same day that we would be skyping with Del La Grace Volcano…. so some of us were pretty excited, including myself!

So we have learnt a bunch of camera skills and photography techniques in the first four weeks. Now it was time to develop our story and learn a new type of brainstorming style. Some of us are more into brainstorming and writing things down then others, however I think we all tried to give it a crack even if it wasn’t our thing. As it turns out it was my thing so I was happy to work on some new ideas and combine them with current ideas. Some of us already had photo’s on the Trans Pixels facebook page and combined with lots of photos that Melly had printed out the rest of the class critiqued our shots and helped us with any new ideas or techniques that we could do differently to come up with an even better shot.
A few people did a second round of lightening talks, about artists who work with gender as a theme. I spoke about Tom of Finland. I dig his work, a lot.

Highlight of the day came when the lovely Del gave us a slideshow presentation about their work. It was so great to hear background stories to some of the shots that I have seen around in various books and websites for years. I only wish I had something to ask them at the end, alas I did not, but very much appreciated the time they had taken to chat with us, especially as it was super early in the day where they were.

I’m really loving being a part of this project and can’t wait to see everyone’s final piece at the end of the 8 weeks.


Other Participant’s views on  Del La Grace Volcano’s Skype Lecture

The talk by Del was really inspiring; great to see a body of work develop over such a length of time.  I also felt it was really great to see different ways gender can be explored through photography.  I appreciated some of the technical tips and advice was really awesome.  Definitely I liked them sharing their concepts about metaphors and I liked how they showed the development of this through time.  It made me search Google more to look how other photographers had used metaphor in their photography. I tried to explore more constructed artwork after that,  I looked at working with the box concept to see how I could play with that idea or ideas similar to this.  (Zanne)

It was amazing obviously and an honor and I felt lucky that I was in a group that was spoken to by Del.  I really enjoyed them talking about their artwork. I’d always appreciated their artwork but the extra level of hearing Del’s process of creating their art was very enjoyable.  I’ve got the Femmes of Power book and hearing Del talk about those particular artworks was really great.   There were something’s I’ve read in those photos but there was a whole other level of cultural content that I wasn’t aware of. (Karen)

I just have to say that Del’s talk was really important for me as a person who identifies as genderqueer. Often I feel alone and overwhelmingly different. Del and Del’s work give me as genderqueer person the extremely rare opportunity to feel slightly normal, to feel like I am a worthy and valuable person and to have someone who sees the world in a similiar way. (Josh)

I learnt a lot from him about the boxes and the gatekeeper’s of the world and one of the things I want to express is that it’s gone doesn’t havp much to do with the doctors but they’re one thing and I’m another thing.  Someone else will put a label on you. (Vanessa)

I think it’s really inspiring that they spent their own live doing this and I think it’s really great that they make space for intersex people.  I think we could do that better even in our own community for intersex folks.  I think it’s great for a person like Del to take all those little bits and make artwork about it.  It made me feel a little bit more valid as a queer artist. (Kel)


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